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Our Vision

Crypto Talents is fueled by the vision to help you grow.

We support, protect, and help you stay one step ahead of the fierce competition by providing you our knowledge, expertise and savoir-faire.

Professional Expertise
Experienced Leadership

Blockchain & Crypto Talents Search

We specialize in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency talent sourcing and executive search to alleviate and reduce our clients’ administrative burden in recruitment. Confident in our Blockchain & Crypto client’s Human Resources skills, we know by experience how tedious, nerve wrecking and time-consuming hiring process are. 


From ideas gathering and effective job descriptions aligned with the line manager or founder vision and expectations, posting on specialized Blockchain & Crypto Jobs platform, screening and identifying candidates and relevant skills, agenda scheduling as well as credential verification and salary negotiations among many other tasks could be extremely challenging and cumbersome not only for the Human Resource department but across the entire organization.

For more information on our Blockchain & Crypto Talents Searching services contact us today. 

Blockchain & Crypto Talents Coach

We help experts and junior professionals to transition into the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency job industry through coaching, educating and leveraging their professional and academic backgrounds. Landing a job in this nascent technology and never-ending evolving ecosystem can be challenging for individuals without deep research, advice and coaching from experts. We help you navigate through this jungle by identifying the real added value and benefits companies and ventures are searching in candidates


Our clients are motivated, passionate, entrepreneurship-driven and committed people willing to put all the necessary efforts in order to achieve their professional goals and dreams.


For more information on our Blockchain & Crypto Talent Coaching services, contact us today.

They trust us

Phil L.
Direct Lending Platform

“Such passion and commitment  demonstrated by the founder are rarely to be encountered. I had a pleasure of working with him for two years and hope to have such an opportunity in the future. Someone possessing such a high level of various skills can be nothing less than the most valuable asset of a team.”

Business Meeting_edited.jpg

Alexi L.
Blockchain Venture

I have no hesitation in recommending Crypto Talents services. The team managed to gather and analyze our needs and requirements through in-depth consulting sessions. The recommendations, deliverables and candidates onboarding were vital for us to successfully achieve our $25Mio crowdfunding campaign.  

Lucas H.
Blockchain-as-a-Service CEO

The founder and his team possess proven expertise and extensive experience in the Blockchain & Crypto industries. Extra additional services with short deadlines were successfully delivered too. We highly recommend startups to reach out and establish contact with the CT team.

Nikola S.
Crypto Entrepreneur

We got to know the founder as someone who looked after the interests of the company and proactively assumed his responsibilities with a strong focus on the agreed deliverables. The team had a thorough knowledge of the industries and operated always with commitment and diligence

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