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Crypto & Blockchain Candidates

Frontend Software Engineer with exp. in Angular & Vue.js (Romandy or Zurich)

Geneva, Switzerland

Experienced Backend Software Engineer (Romandy or Zurich)

Geneva, Switzerland

Institutional Technology Sales Executive (DACH Regions)

Zürich, Switzerland

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Blockchain & Crypto Engineers and Developers Candidates  🛠️

Are you a Web or Full Stack Developer, a System or Network or Cyber Engineer with several years under your belt in system and API development?

Do you feel at ease with the application layers with Dapps and applications hosting or do you feel more confident on the protocol and network layers developing algorithms, consensus and talking to VM? Maybe all of the above?

Are Rust, Go, Solidity, Kubernetes, Docker, Ganache, Java, C++, Python, Node.JS tools, systems and languages you enjoy interacting and developing with?

As you probably know, the list goes on. Your future employer may require you to learn new one(s) from scratch, requiring you to quickly adapt, grasp concepts rapidly and change the way you think.


Widening and deepening your IT skills while working for a company on an exciting new and demanding project is one of the most valuable ways to increase your competencies.

Our recruiting team will analyze your resume and advise you on the latest open positions for Blockchain engineers and developpers.

Blockchain & Crypto Operations & Managers Candidates 💼

Are you passionate about leading Blockchain and Crypto Projects while leveraging your past experience and knowledge in agile environments?

Do you know what it takes to build and manage a successful GTM strategy, aligning with multiple internal and external stakeholders, delegating in a timely manner with clear objectives and a neat timeline in a seamless and cost effective way?

Do you keep abreast of all legal and regulatory developments to ensure full and constant compliance for the organization?

Do you have a creative mind with intense curiosity, strong motivation and a determination to always draft the latest product feature’s mock-up or write the latest company's advancement to get market traction and visibility?


From business development expertise, product/project management and UX/UI skills to compliance knowledge, the Blockchain & Crypto industry requires professionals ready to go the extramile, anticipate market shifts and be able to deliver successful projects in a timely and agile manner.


While knowing the Blockchain & Crypto ecosystem and functioning is considered a strong plus, expect your learning curve to keep expanding and your professional network to grow tremendously in this nascent industry.

Our recruiting team will analyze your resume and advise you on the latest open positions for Blockchain operations and managers.

Blockchain & Crypto C-Levels & Executives Candidates 👔

Are you an accomplished and established professional with 10+ years in the IT, Financial Services, Healthcare, Supply Chain & Logistics, Energy or Trade industry?

Are you a talented, passionate, mission-driven thought leader with significant experience able to implement practical programs in a highly regulated, collaborative and fast-paced environment while keeping an eye on the company financials?

Do you know what it takes to communicate closely with founders, lead people operations, work across several departments and remove all non-technical barriers so that the organization can strive in a dynamic and competitive environment?


Blockchain & Crypto C-Levels and Executives need to be able to seamlessly communicate their thoughts, act as leaders and experts in several fields and constantly wear many hats to deliver top-notch services and products while whilst maintaining cohesion across teams and boosting team spirit.


As you have surely experienced in the past, a myriad of complex situations will unexpectedly show up making the Labors of Hercules seem almost insignificant. But what is more satisfying than successfully leading a team of experts and achieving your goals while keeping abreast of the latest developments in your field and industry?

Our recruiting team will analyze your resume and advise you on the latest open positions for C-Levels and executives.

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Searching, finding, applying for, and landing a new job in the Blockchain and Crypto industry is no mean feat.


If you haven't conducted deep research or previously worked in these fields it becomes a demanding challenge to see clearly where your expertise can be leveraged within Blockchain & Crypto ventures.

Wherever you are in your journey, Crypto Talents supports you throughout the entire process and helps you to transition to a promising Blockchain & Crypto career.


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