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Blockchain & Crypto Recruitment Talent Sourcing

Our boutique executive search firm specializes exclusively in Blockchain and Crypto recruitments for Startups, Blockchain Foundations, and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

After obtaining a deep understanding of your organization's vision and strategy, technology stack, and projects pipeline, we strategically tailor our search based on your criteria, needs, and requirements leveraging our network and expertise at their finest


Our top priorities are your satisfaction and your organization's success. 

Crypto Talents Hiring & Recruiting Services


Ideal for contractors, freelance, and temp-to-hire positions.

Is your organization working on specific projects, on new product's features, on improvement proposals or exploring new lines of business? 

 We supercharge your company hiring efforts in the most efficient and streamlined way.

Focus on the deliverables now, pay later.


The best way to attract suitable candidates for specialist positions on a senior level.

In close cooperation with the Hiring Manager and Head of BUs we jointly develop the job description and requirements. Crypto Talents suggests applicable instruments and tools to approach the best candidates.

This exclusive mandate search guarantees you our full commitment in short time.


Headhunting & executive search are best to fill high level management positions.

We approach candidates and manage each request with privacy. After alignments with relevant stakeholders, we identify key parameters and implement strategies for identifying, sourcing, evaluating and hiring outstanding leadership personalities making this right extra fit.

Our in-house diligence process coupled with our confidentiality approach guarantee you the best working practices acquired over the years.


Need an extra boost over a longer period?


Then working hand in hand will help. For a monthly fee, we will support and assist your organization in filling specific and selected job vacancies.

New customer experiences design & creativity are handy.

Just ask


While working in the background, we deploy all our savoir-faire and expertise for your company to get the attention it deserves.

Talents Acquisition Services for Key Blockchain & Crypto Positions

C-Level and Executives Blockchain & Crypto Positions

Audience: 10+ years of relevant work experience

Blockchain & Crypto Positions: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Human Resource Officer, VP of Engineering, VP of Finance ...

We source and recruit highly qualified candidates, thoughts leaders, pragmatic professionals with excellent knowledge, able to manage and solve the most complex situations in industries including but not limited to the Financial Services, IT, Logistics, Supply Chain and Government sectors

Blockchain & Crypto Management Operations & Senior Positions

Audience: 2-10 years of relevant work experience

Blockchain & Crypto Positions: Senior Product & Project Manager, Technical Writer & Editor, UX/UI Designer, Institutional & Enterprise Software Sales Associate, Digital Assets Analyst & Trader, Head of Partnership, Risk Operations Associate, Senior Consultant, Business Developer & Operations Manager, Head of Compliance, Fraud & KYC/AML AnalystSenior Account Executive, Sales & Marketing Associate, Content & Community Managers, Social & Media Marketing Specialist, Head of Marketing & Growth, Customer Success Manager...

Our pool of senior Blockchain & Crypto candidates has worked across multiple projects and organizations combining deep expertise, relevant working experience and knowledgeable skills. 

Blockchain & Crypto Developer & Engineer Positions

Audience: 2-10 years of relevant work experience

Blockchain & Crypto Positions: Smart Contracts Developers, Frontend & Backend Engineers, Fullstack Developer, Haskell & Rust Developers, Software Developers,  Python Data Engineers, Node.JS & React Developers, Docker & DevOps Experts, Security & Site Reliability Engineers, Blockchain Architect, Senior Business Analyst & Software Quality Assurance Engineer, System Administrator, Tech Lead, Git & JIRA Gurus...

Our Blockchain & Crypto Engineer rockstars are agile and expert computer literate candidates with several years of experience in the Blockchain technology industry. Constantly on the hunt for the latest crypto trends, they possess in-depth knowledge of DLT architecture, data structure, cryptography and smart contract development to mention a few. 

Blockchain Graduate and Crypto Junior Positions

Audience: 0 to 2 years of work experience

We are committed to working with young fresh minds and talents, always ready to expand their knowledge portfolio and challenge the status quo.

Recent graduates, solo entrepreneur-driven with or without internship experience can be the perfect right choice too: Empower, Trust and Guide them,

The diamond you are looking for maybe just a spark away from your visionary company.

Give them today the chance, the voice and space they need to grow.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Your recruiting need and success are of paramount importance to us.


Crypto Talents combines human and technological tools to deliver your organization customized recruitment solutions.

We source, screen, and preselect the best talents for your companies and teams' members while you remain in full control of a seamless and transparent process.

We create impactful strategies and experiences for our ambitious clients to accomplish remarkable results. 

Let’s Work Together

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