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Software Engineer – Frontend


Geneva, Switzerland

Job Type

Full Time

 Company profile

We are a great team of experienced builders with a massive traction on our platform in a big and growing market – our customers are deeply passionated and  managed to hacking their way into our private beta. Few months after launching,  our product was used by millions of users and increasing by hundreds of thousands every week. We are a leading wallet dapp on protocol, and plan to expand to other chains soon.


  • More than three years of FT software engineering exp.

  • More than one year of FT experience in a blockchain-based project

  • Demonstrated interest in open and community-driven platforms


Your responsibilities will include the tasks below:

  • Feature development:

  • New initiatives and products

  • Interfacing with users

  • Team building

and other team projects and initiatives


  • Competitive salary and equity.

  • Comprehensive insurance (medical/dental/vision) — 100% covered.

  • Stipend for your ideal remote / WFH set-up: laptop, headphones, and any other work gear you may need.

  • Flexible hours and a long-standing, supportive remote environment.

  • Monthly co-working space and mobile phone expense.

  • Unlimited vacation: Take time when you need it (and we really mean it).

Software Engineer – Frontend

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