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Senior Web Developer Blockchain



Job Type

Full Time

 Company profile

Industry leading credit experts and  managing fast-flowing lending businesses where pooled capital is lent to profitable crypto blue-chips.


Our client is looking for a mature and talented Senior Web Developer that has a minimum 5-7 years of first rate commercial experience. The position requires the candidate to have a deep understanding of React, TypeScript and GraphQL. You will be working with 4 other developers on the Off Chain team in agile 2 week sprints on V2 of the web application stack.

Following skillset is needed:

  • JavaScript and TypeScript ninja with a minimum of 5 years professional experience

  • Expert level React with preference for working with hooks
    Open Source software development experience with expert Git and Github skills

  • Advanced knowledge of GraphQL backends

  • Deep understanding of software documentation procedures

  • Preference for Test Driven Development (TDD) and highly testable code

Really nice if you have:

  • Apollo Federated Gateway API knowledge

  • Ethers.js, MetaMask, WalletConnect and other Web3 technologies on Ethereum.

  • Graph Protocol and Ethereum blockchain indexing experience

Our Tech Stack

  • TypeScript

  • NodeJS

  • Ethers.js

  • Hardhat

  • Docker

  • Solidity


This is a critical position requiring you to take ownership of key projects using React applications, Apollo GraphQL APIs and Graph Protocol indexed Ethereum state.

The right candidate will be truly passionate for the craft of software development. The role demands the highest standards of tested, linted and formatted code. We are a fully remote team located across Europe, the US, and Asia. We have two daily stand ups, this ensures suiting the individual team members core working hours.


150K + Family benefits

Senior Web Developer Blockchain

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