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Blockchain & Crypto Executive Search

Recruitment Agency for Blockchain & Crypto Startups

Blockchain & Crypto Career Coaching

Career & Jobs Services for Blockchain & Crypto Rockstars 

The First Link in
Blockchain & Crypto Careers

Prioritizing Your Needs

Focusing on your priorities and filling your needs are what make us thrive. We are committed to gaining a deep understanding of your organization and vision before we begin our internal processes.

Simple Pricing Structure

Crypto Talents aligns directly with your capacity modeling structure and creates a plan of action for both short-term missions and long-term commitments.

 Our flexible and lean execution lets you in full control at all times. 

Blitzscaling The Ecosystem

We help companies hire the next Blockchain and Crypto rockstar and coach inspiring candidates to land their dream job. Our in-house expertise and prior experiences save your most valuable asset: Time 

White-Glove Service

Benefit from our thought leadership in the most discrete and professional manner. Capitalize on our knowledge in Blockchain & Crypto and acquire competitive advantage to outperform your competitors and peers.  

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Blockchain skills are rated among the first place in fastest growing skills of 2020, with an increase of +6000%.

In fact, blockchain topped LinkedIn's list of the most in-demand hard skills in 2020. From Fintech start-ups to large corporations, the number of companies using Blockchain technology and smart contracts continues to grow.

Employers now need to work on attracting new talents while still being able to differentiate themselves from the competition.

We help you to do both.


Focus on your core business and activities. Let us help you find the right talent for you, that's what we excel in.

Deployed & in production to date


combined in the Blockchain & Crypto industries


Satisfied Clients


Growth enabler by heart and experience


Corporates & Executives Trained


Candidates promoted in < 2Y

Partners & 


How can you accelerate your business growth?

Crypto Talents is a boutique executive search firm accompanying companies and candidates through every step of careers in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Nestled in the Swiss Crypto Valley, Crypto Talents benefits from in-depth knowledge and comprehensive experience in blockchain and crypto projects as well as a wide network of professionals nurtured over the past half decade.

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